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  • House Painting in Colorado Springs

    Providing Quality Painting Services in Your Neighborhood

    CertaPro house painters in Colorado Springs have been painting in Colorado Springs and the surrounding area for many years. Our professional, quality work can be seen in our recent projects from your neighborhood, showcased below. We also take care of carpentry repairs, drywall and plaster repairs, staining, and special coating needs. Our house painters in Colorado Springs will do whatever it takes to provide the proper preparation for your painting project.

    Call today and we will meet with you to discuss your needs and provide a free, detailed proposal afterward. We provide this service to all of our Colorado Springs customers. You can also schedule your appointment online. Looking for exterior home painting ideas? Take the first step today, and find out what CertaPro Painters can do for you!

    Exterior painting in Colorado Springs by certapro house painters in Colorado Springs
    Sharp accent colors like the red on these shutters and doors really make these features stand out on a home like this one in Southeast Colorado Springs.
    Exterior painting by CertaPro painters of Colorado Springs, CO
    This older home looks fresh and new after a CertaPro Painters make-over. Note the distinctive colors used on the porch area really make it stand out.
    Exterior painting project in Colorado Springs
    This beautiful house has a traditional white trim on yellow siding color scheme, but the beige shutters help to offset the windows, giving this home great curb appeal.
    After pic of an exterior painting project in Colorado Springs
    This older house got a new coat of paint from your local CertaPro Painters (that's us!). The white trim on blue siding is another more traditional color scheme which works its magic to add curb appeal to any home.
    Exterior painting by CertaPro Painters of Colorado Springs
    Here we see a more contemporary house with a new and improved modern color palette. The darker shutters play well against the lighter colored siding, allowing the architectural features of this home stand out.
    Exterior painting project in Colorado Springs
    In this before picture, you can see how faded the paint on this house has become, adding to its already dated appearance.
    Exterior of same house, after painting
    With a fresh coat of paint and a slight change in the color scheme, this home looks fabulous. Once again it is bright and vibrant, welcoming both friends and family.
    Downtown Colorado Springsbefore exterior painting
    This house was just begging for a new paint job, for more reasons than the aesthetic appeal. This project included lead paint renovation, an important consideration for older homes.
    Downtown Colorado Springs project after exterior painting
    As the after picture shows, there was more than just a paint job involved. In fact, it's hard to believe this is the same house, but it is. What a difference a CertaPro Painters team can make!
    Exterior paint job on the back of the house
    Behind the house gets the same treatment and comes out looking great.
    Same house with matching garage
    The garage was given a matching color scheme, tying all of the buildings on the property together.
    Another example of custom colors in Colorado Springs
    This is another fine example of a custom color scheme pulling together several shades of blue, offset by the red doorway. This contrast helps focus your attention on the entry of this little bungalow, which now appears cheerful and inviting.

    Ready to take the first step? Looking for exterior home painting ideas? Get a free, detailed estimate for your painting project today! Call us or schedule your appointment online. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority, and we're ready to get to work for you!

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